Friday, July 30, 2010

"He doesn't speak English? I got a solution for ya - don't talk to him. How hard is that?"

Immigration is one of the few issues I've moved further to the left on over the past few years, and I've done so for reasons damn similar to those given by this dickhead:

Is there any moral difference between sneaking a job across a border (which is what outsourcing is, by the way) and sneaking a person across a border to work a job? Either capitalism is global, or it's not. Unless your brain is confused by an isolationist delusion, I think it makes sense that a global division of labor is more efficient than just having division of labor within national boundaries. But then don't have a double-standard about it, as though you're entitled to something just because you happened to be born in the U.S.A. I hate the hypocritical whining about it. Either shut up, or do something that moves us toward a more fair system OVERALL, for EVERYBODY. What? You're going to receive all the benefits of a global capitalist system but none of the costs? Stop asking for exceptions for yourself!

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